Guest Access Management

GAM leverages on WiFi networks to provide a highly personalized login experience for the customer. Yet, it supports the needs of guest networks such as hotels, waiting rooms, business centers and F&B.
Implementation of a robust access solution that is sufficiently flexible to administer the expanding BYOD trend can be challenging to organizations, thus the reason the GAM is developed.
  • Policy-based : Registration of devices and network accessibility
  • Network Monitoring : Ensure networking appliance connected at all times
  • Analytic-Driven : Gathers data about your users
  • API-Ready : Multi-vendor support via REST-API


  • Centralized User Management – Provide centralized RADIUS Authentication, Accounting and Authorization protocol
  • User Profiles Management – Convenient policy creation and troubleshooting interface
  • Multi-Tenant Management – Multi-tenant mode allows you to manage your customers and partners in internet service provider business
  • Captive Portal Analytics – Guest analytics dashboard which gathers data about your users.
  • Customize Splash Pages – Customize to promote your brand image and attract and retain new guests
  • Reporting – Store data, analytics and reporting for compliance.